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    The logic behind having lean manufacturing is attributed towards having a production environment that is eco-friendly and can produce high-quality products while using minimal energy and reduced waste production. As more industries and businesses adopt this philosophy, many now take into consideration using the different Flex storage solutions available in the market. These efficient solutions that have been devised by lean thinkers increase the production efficiency. Among the possible equipment companies can get are Flexcart and Flexstand. The following are advantages of using a Flexcart in your company.

    1. The Carts Offer Improved Delivery Capacity

    In the past forklifts were used in transferring heavy loads from one production unit to another. The primary challenge that affected the forklifts is that they had a limited carrying capacity and hence the operator was needed to make multiple trips to finish the delivery. However, with the carts the situation is very different, several carts are linked together, hence forming a delivery train which can be easily towed by a tugger. This enables a significant delivery to be done at once. The Flexcart offer efficient when it comes to in-plant transport.

    1. Reduced Floor Congestion

    The carts help in lowering the factory or warehouse floor congestion. The more modern designs of the carts are guided automatically, which gives the operator the comfort of setting pre-determined routes. The routes are then configured with the working area within the plant hence minimal space is used with no interruption of company operations. The same way can be used by the carts that operate manually. Since the loading and unloading process is simplified floor congestion is also reduced. The carts allow a single cart to be removed from the chain of carts and hence quickly move to the required destination.

    1. Reduced Waiting Times

    According to a study that was done between forklifts and carts, to determine the loading and offloading rates of the two equipments. The results showed that the carts were able to complete the same job within half the time used by the forklifts. The production time can be reduced when a company decides to use carts in delivering items in the plant. The Flexcarts have a more improved delivery speed, which is attributed to two critical factors:

    • The carts can be easily be detached.
    • The perfectly pre-designed routes

    The detachment process of the carts lasts for less than 60 seconds, hence reducing the waiting time during the production process.

    1. Simple Operation

    You don’t need to have excellent skills to operate a Flexcart, the equipment is user-friendly and can be operated with simple driving skills. The carts that are manually operated have simplified control panels, and with basic training, operators can run the equipment efficiently with no technical difficulties.

    1. Reduced Energy

    Because carts can deliver several containers in one trip, less energy is used in the transportation process hence deliveries become energy efficient. Minimal energy consumption also enhances less waste emission, therefore, achieving the lean production philosophy. A minimum workforce is also needed when using Flexcart to make deliveries, unlike the traditional delivery system where several people are required to complete the delivery on time.



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