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    It has been very recently, Whatsapp has included many good features in it which takes the app’s functionality to the next level. You can now activate and use Whatsapp account with a phone number and without a phone number.

    So, in this post, I will tell you how to activate Whatsapp without using the mobile number. So, if you want to know this awesome trick then keep reading ahead of this post to know how to download Whatsapp plus on your mobile.

    Steps to activate Whatsapp without using mobile number:

    Here are some of the steps that you have to go through for activating Whatsapp account without using the mobile number.

    1. If you are using Whatsapp account already, then simply uninstall it first of all and install it newly on your device.
    2. Now when you go for the installation of the new Whatsapp account, you will be asked a verification which includes your phone number.
    3. Now switch the phone to flight mode for installing the app without a mobile number.
    4. You can now enter your mobile number for the verification purpose since it is in the alternate mode now.
    5. Enter your valid email address and prefer to receive the verification in the form of SMS on your device.
    6. You can now click the ‘Submit’ and tap the ‘Cancel’ button which has to be done in a matter of second.
    7. Now, install the spoof app for the device to able to use the app without mobile number or SIM card.
    8. So, the Android users can now do it by using the Spoof Text Message which can also be called a fake message.
    9. Go to the Outbox and copy the details of the message and send to some fake number which can be done as – To: 447900347295, From (country code) (mobile number), Message: Valid Email address.
    10. The verification process of your Whatsapp installation gets done finally without using your mobile number.

    Thus, I hope that you are aware of how to activate Whatsapp without using the mobile number. So, follow some of the steps mentioned above to easily install Whatsapp. You can now enjoy the awesome functionality of Whatsapp like video calling, hacking your friend’s conversation and much more.


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