Download BBM Apk: BBM is not only a messaging app, yet you could do lots of things with this BBM app. Like you could do timed message, simple meetups, Talking privately with your mates and much more. So this all features make this messaging application extra popular compared to other messaging application like Whatsapp and walking. The most well-known functions of this BBM app is that you can send a message to your mate with a timer, so when any person will see that message, the message will certainly vanish already from the text.

So you see there are many reasons why BBM app is one of the best messaging apps, so today I am going to tell you about the best features to download BBM apk for which this app is one of the top messaging apps in the app market today. So are you ready to check out the best features? Then here below are the best features of BBM messaging app.

Best features to download BBM Apk:

  1. You can now do a free video call with the BBM app with your close mates. Now, this features really making this BBM app premium, bu the thing is you can only get this app on the Beta version.
  2. You are also getting a Phone number option which is enabling you to create another account of BBM with the same app on the same phone. This is also one of the best features for which BBM is one of the best messaging apps today.
  3. They have also improved many things in a group chatting like now you can get connected with many people at once.
  4. There are many funky stickers that you can send in your text to anyone you want. Really the stickers are amazing one even than the Hike or WhatsApp.
  5. You can also mute the conversation of one on one or let it be group chats.
  6. You can also take your sticker, text, image back on a file to save everything you are doing.

So this is all the best features of BBM messaging app that is making this BBM app one of the most used messaging app in the app market today. I hope you will also love using this messaging app on your phone to get connected with your mates. Try using it and always get connected with your close mates.

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