Download Whatsapp for Samsung: Whatsapp for Samsung phones is easy to download and install if you have an Andriod version of it. However, there are Samsung Devices with Windows Operating Systems also; for which you have to put a few extra efforts. There are Samsung Mobiles in the market with Symbian Operating System as well like, Samsung SGH-L870, Samsung GT-I8510, Samsung GT-I7110, Samsung i8910 Samsung SGH-G810 and Samsung SGH-Inn etc. They do support WhatsApp but to a limited extent and it is expected that WhatsApp will discontinue its support to these old model Samsung phones. 4-5 years back Samsung had almost monopolized the Smartphone market, though Apple always remained there in the premium segment with its advanced technology, smooth functionalities, and edgy aesthetics. With various new entrants Samsung does loose the market share; however still managed to have 20% of it with Apple maintaining its space.

How to Install and download WhatsApp for Samsung?

 WhatsApp is very well tuned with Android phones, so those having Samsung with Android Operating systems need to go to Google Play store and search for WhatsApp and rest of the process to follow is as below to install and download Whatsapp for Samsung phones or Tablets. You need to have Android 2.1 or above version of it to have Whatsapp for Samsung.

  • After searching for Whatsapp on play store, you will get many apps options look for the Whatsapp Messenger with a green icon which has the white colored phone pictogram in it. Everyone is familiar with the Whatsapp icon.
  • Click on the Whatsapp Messenger Icon and then select the Install button. Keep a minimum of 15 MB space free for your installation. It is advisable to make your phone storage on the higher side of the minimum requirement.
  • After installation click the Accept button and you can see the Whatsapp icon on the phone.
  • You need to verify your phone number now, as there can be only one WhatsApp account for one phone number and thus you have to have an active SIM Card on the phone while your installation. If you want to have two WhatsApp accounts in one device you need to install apps for parallel space but that will run on another number in case you have dual sim slots on your phone.
  • Now Reboot your phone for a smooth functioning of the new Whatsapp loaded on your Samsung phone.

For Windows Operating Samsung phones open your Windows phone store and do the similar kind of exercise for install Whatsapp installation; whereas users with the Symbian Operating System Samsung devices can browse and take the guidance from there. This seems relevant here to mention that WhatsApp is discontinuing its services to Symbian OS devices. Following are the steps to go through if you have a Samsung Tablets, old phones or else facing some other difficulties to download from your Google play store

Setting> General> Security> Unknown Sources>  go to your browser > download Apk file for Whatsapp> now install the Whatsapp Messenger with the similar procedure as directed above. In case you stuck somewhere you can find the solution there itself. However, Whatsapp runs best on Android phones.

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