The notebooks which were created to be itinerant and lightweight have now replaced the desktops completely. The use of laptops is increasing, and many children and young adults spend hours with their laptops on their laps daily. We report many cases with erythema ab igne on the thigh of a 17-year-old girl.

However, according to many studies and news articles, your lap is the worst place you can put your laptop. Laptops emit heat as they run, and this heat can affect parts of your body in many different ways. The heat emitted from the portable computers has been cited to have a similar effect on men as taking hot baths.

Putting a laptop on your lap is not only bad for your skin, but it’s also bad for your computer because it can partially or completely inhibit the exhaust fan, lead to overheating. Top 10 best laptops under 500 incorporate Cheapest ultrabook under 500 dollars in 2016, best modest ultrabooks under 400, 300 dollars.

Musculoskeletal Pain/Injury

Musculoskeletal injury is damage to the muscles due to strenuous activity. For example, bending your neck to look at the laptop screen can strain the muscles along the backside of your neck.

Pain in the Neck

Actually!! One of the primary ergonomic drawbacks of the laptop is that the monitor and keyboard are extremely close together. This causes the people to hint, affecting them negatively.

Shoulder Cramp

The laptop is usually used while traveling and then the neck is squeezed so that you can possess a better view of the screen.

Twitching and Swelling in the Palms

The secrets on the keyboard are extremely awkwardly placed and they’re cramped to save space. When using the notebook, people might often preserve the palms in discomfited opportunities which could hurt in fingers as well as swellings in due course.

Vision Fatigue

As the distance between your display of the laptop as well as the keyboard is quite small, the constant staring in the sporting display may enter sorry-sore for the eye. The reddening of the attention, itching, and blurring are a few of the common issues related to the eyes.

Spine and Nerves

When we use a laptop for a long time, the back is hunched as well as the vertebrae along with the discs start to degenerate. While using a laptop, our neck-curve straightens and affects the springlike process.

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