Having the best flex storage solutions in place will ensure efficiency and the sleeves will have a long lasting functionality. Some of the issues to consider in your flex storage solutions will include having a good flexstand. The ideal flex storage solutions for your business should have a vertical storage system for your sleeves. The traditional horizontal storage systems will finally destroy your sleeves because the force of gravity is acting on the stored sleeves and eventually they will appear in an oval shape. Trying to mount a damaged sleeve onto a press mandrel will consume a lot of time and often a tough task.

So Which Features Do You Need To Look For In A Flexographic Stand?

As noted, vertical flexstand is the best investment in your business of cinemabox . The system should be dynamic and allow racking of sleeves without taking much space in your printing press room. The flexcart should also have guides and rollers that move without any friction and allows free movement of racks from one side to another to create an aisle whenever it is desired without taking much space on the floor.

The flexstand should have two rows of racks for storage that are safely secured with adjustable discs on the upper side, and the lower side should have pads to guard against damage of the sleeve on the upper and bottom parts. The rubber pads and the discs will keep the sleeves in place and guard them against tipping over. Having two rows of sleeves makes the identification much easier and storing them do not require a lot of effort. Retrieving whenever it is needed would also be quick and easier, therefore increasing efficiency in the workplace.

The kind of materials utilized in the manufacturing of the flexstand and flexcart should be of high quality probably frames of steel and resistant to scratches to ensure durability and should reflect quality craftsmanship in all the finishing.

The overall modular design of the flex stand need to allow ease of expansion whenever the need arises, and it allows more section to be added so effortlessly as the business expands over time.

The system should minimize the possibility of the sleeves falling on workers whenever they are moved from one location to another. Safety should be one of the crucial factors considered when acquiring a flexographic sleeve storage system. Minimizing damage to the sleeves often falling to the ground and ensuring the safety of employees is the key point to note.

The whole storage system should be easier to fast to assemble and disassemble with clear instruction that could be understood by everyone. A system that requires technical knowledge to assemble would be too costly and may eat into the profits of the business in the long run.

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